Saturday, June 9, 2012

My First Jewelmint Experience

Jewelmint has taken over the blogging and YouTube world and to be honest I did not understand the hype. For those that don't know, Jewelmint is a monthly subscription service where you pay $30 a month and you get to pick a piece of jewelry. You do have the option to skip and will not be charged if you don't like anything.  I love jewelry but paying $30 for one piece of jewelry seemed ridiculous especially because I never really liked any of the pieces that were in my "showroom."  I kept checking every now and then just to see what they had and finally I saw something that I liked.

Enter, the Natural Wonder Bracelets:

I absolutely love the leaf bracelet and you can tell it's really good quality. It's so my style and it is unlike anything I currently own. I can't wait to wear this out. Even Poofy Head (my cat) enjoyed it!

Now to be honest I would not pay $30 for this bracelet. Sure, I liked the leaf bracelet, but the other two are cheap stretchy bands that I feel you can find at Forever 21 for $2. The good news is I did not pay $30. I looked up coupon codes and found a 60% off that brought the price down to $12. Now, I would pay that for this bracelet. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to get another coupon since I believe they are only for first time purchases but I'll continue to look at their selection and I'm sure I'll be buying something in the future.

Adorable packaging

Great presentation

Have you bought anything from Jewelmint? Please let me know what you bought and what you think of it.  If you are interested in signing up their website is

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