Sunday, September 23, 2012

L'Oreal Project Runway 2012 Limited Edition Blush Collection Review and Swatches

Call me a nerd but I still watch Project Runway. It's been on for 10 seasons which is hard to imagine that I have been watching for 10 years! Last year L'Oreal released a limited edition Project Runway collection which I was obsessed with so when I found out they were doing another collection I was all over that. This year I wasn't super impressed with most of the products so I just decided to purchase all four of the blushes because I can never have enough blush! I found them at my local Walgreens and they were buy one get one 50% off (although I don't think that sale is on anymore). 
The first two are The Mystic's Blush on the left and The Temptress' Blush on the right
The Mystic's Blush is a very light peach color and The Temptress' Blush is a deep berry wine color.
Can you even tell that I have Mystic's Blush on my arm, because I can't. The underside of my arms are pretty fair and it still doesn't show up. I tried putting this on when I was wearing foundation and I still couldn't see anything. I'll be giving that one to my porcelain skinned cousin to see if she can wear it somehow. The Temptress' Blush on the other hand is beautiful. It will be perfect for the fall and winter months.

The other two are, The Muse's Blush on the left and The Queen's Blush on the right
The Muse's Blush is a peach color and the Queen's Blush is a dusty mauve color
Both swatches show up nicely and I really like The Muse's Blush as I am partial to peach colors.

For a little recap; these blushes retail for $9.99 and contain .35oz. They all have the tendency to be a bit chalky but if you apply it using a dense blush brush (I use the Eco Tools blush brush) it helps to not get blush everywhere. These also aren't overly pigmented which I actually like because you don't have to worry about over applying. 

I don't think you need to run out and get these unless you like limited edition or you like Project Runway. The stand out blush is The Temptress' Blush and the others I think you can find similar colors for cheaper.

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