Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lush Ocean Salt

I'm coming at you with another Lush skincare review. Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub that contains salt, vodka, lime juice, coconut oil, and other ingredients (parabens included unfortunately). The reason I bought this was because whenever I get a pimple it leaves a horrible scar that won't go away for months. When talking to the lovely ladies at my local Lush store they said this would help brighten my complexion and help acne scars fade. 
I have heard a lot of mixed reviews so here is my honest opinion. It is harsh and if you have sensitive skin you should probably avoid this. Ocean Salt has a layer of blue salt on top and a white moisturizer on the bottom. I found that if you really mix it together it isn't as harsh. I use it all over my body but when it comes to my face I use a small amount once a week and gently rub it in for 30 seconds which limits the abrasiveness. I have actually noticed a difference in my acne scars fading and am quite pleased with this product. Would I buy Ocean Salt again? Yes! Just please beware and do research to make sure that this won't harm your skin.

Pros: Smells amazing
         Helps fade acne scars quickly
         You can use it to exfoliate your whole body
         Doesn't leave skin feeling stripped

Cons: Can be too harsh for sensitive skin
           Freaking expensive (I had sticker shock when they rang me up) $21.95 for 4.2oz, $35.95 for 8.8 oz

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